Michael Reeves interviews John Piper on ‘A Peculiar Glory’

August 10, 2017Uncategorized

John Piper was recently interviewed by Michael Reeves about his new book, A Peculiar Glory: How the Christian Scriptures Reveal Their Complete Truthfulness. Piper makes a robust argument for the self-evidencing nature of the Bible. John Piper is the founder of Desiring God Ministries, and was for many years Pastor for Preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church … Read More

Gerald Bray at Churchman: Thirty Years and Counting

March 10, 2017Uncategorized

This tribute was first published in Crossway, the magazine of the Church Society, in January 2014 to mark Gerald Bray’s three decades as editor of Churchman. In light of Gerald Bray’s ongoing contribution, we would like to highlight this tribute by Andrew Atherstone, Latimer research fellow at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, with his permission. Three decades … Read More

New issue of Credo Magazine coming soon!

March 6, 2017Uncategorized

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation! To celebrate we will be devoting each issue of Credo Magazine this year to this theme. The first issue to release will be “Luther at 500.” Stay tuned for this new issue to release in the week ahead.

Book deals at Shepherds’ Conference

February 21, 2017Uncategorized

If you are planning on attending the Shepherds’ Conference next week there will be some exciting books for sale at some very good prices. Zondervan will be selling Matthew Barrett’s God’s Word Alone: The Authority of Scripture at 50% off, as well as Heath Lambert’s A Theology of Biblical Counseling and Tim Challies’ Visual Theology.

Rembrandt at the National Gallery (Matthew Barrett)

December 1, 2016Uncategorized

When I have time to explore London, I very much enjoy the National Gallery. There are many treasures at the Gallery, but I especially enjoy those paintings by Rembrandt. Below is a recently published video where an expert walks you through Rembrandt’s self-portrait. I’ve included some of the narrative on Rembrandt’s life from the NG … Read More

Guess Who? Reformers Edition (Timothy Raymond)

October 27, 2016Uncategorized

One of the games my kids love playing is Guess Who?  If you’re not familiar with Guess Who?, you select an identity from a couple dozen predetermined cards, which you hide from your opponent.  Then you ask specific questions of one another until you’ve identified the identity of your opponent.  It’s quite a fun game … Read More

Credo Magazine: The Prince of Puritans: John Owen

February 3, 2016Uncategorized

The new issue of Credo Magazine is now here! The Prince of Puritans: John Owen View the magazine as a PDF Church history matters. We are not the first generation to read the Bible. So looking to the help of those who have come before us is incredibly valuable. There is no need to reinvent the … Read More

My top 10 reads in 2015 (Timothy Raymond)

December 23, 2015Timothy Raymond, Uncategorized

Once again, it’s time to opine on the best books we’ve read in the past year.  Like previous years, this is not a list of best books written in 2015, but best books I read in 2015.  And I consider them “best” in the rather arbitrary sense that I enjoyed them more than others.  Here … Read More