God who stands and stoops and speaks is God who stays

February 1, 2018Jeremy Kimble, Theology

Recently I have been enjoying some lectures dedicated to the life, theology, and impact of Carl F.H. Henry (you can find these here and here). It is amazing to hear of this prominent twentieth-century theologian and note what kind of influence he had over such a vast array of organizations. It seems in our day there is a … Read More

Building a theological library, part 1

July 10, 2017Theology

Recently I read an essay on theological library building written by someone from a software company that sells good materials for digital Bible study. This brought to mind a lecture I have been giving to students and pastors on theological library building for about 15 years. I thought I might pass on some ideas on … Read More

Skeptical Theism, Predestination, and our Cognitive Limitations (Matt Manry)

February 4, 2016Philosophy, Predestination, Theology

I recently read a very helpful article by Derek Rishmawy titled, “Calvinism and the Problem of Evil (Or, Dealing with the Sparsity Objection).” In this article, Rishmawy deals explicitly with divine sovereignty, libertarian free will, and the problem of evil. All-in-all it was a very helpful article. Nevertheless, in the conclusion of his article, he … Read More

Why Biblical and Systematic Theology matter

July 3, 2015Audio, Theology

There are some outstanding resources over at Simeon Trust, especially if you are a preacher or pastor. Today we would like to highlight two lectures, one by J. I. Packer on the importance of systematic theology and the other by G.K. Beale on the importance of biblical theology. WHAT IS SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY AND WHY DO … Read More

Christian Theology: A Working Definition

May 14, 2013Luke Stamps, Theology

By Luke Stamps– This summer I am teaching a course on Christian Theology to a cohort of students from several churches here in Southern California through the Online and Professional Studies division of California Baptist University. I will actually be teaching the course on site at one of the churches, which should serve as a … Read More