My Favorite Introduction to the Reformation (Timothy Raymond)

October 30, 2013Book Notes, Reformation, Reformers

Happy Reformation week!  Since we’re commending books on the Reformation, I thought I’d point our readers to my favorite introduction.  Kirsten Birkett’s overview, The Essence of the Reformation is concise, compelling, scholarly, evangelical, enjoyable, and a breeze to read.  It really deserves to be better-known and more widely-used.  Perhaps the best part is that the … Read More

Martin Luther on Predestination (Timothy George)

June 11, 2012Magazine-Chosen by Grace-May 2012, Martin Luther, Pelagianism, Predestination, Reformation, Reformers

In the May issue of Credo Magazine, “Chosen by Grace,” Timothy George has contributed a powerful article called, “Let God Be God: Martin Luther on Predestination.” First, however, a word about the author. Timothy George has been the dean of Beeson Divinity School since its inception in 1988. As founding dean, George has been instrumental … Read More