Bound for the Promised Land: An Interview with Oren Martin

July 6, 2015Biblical Theology, Covenants, Interviews, Kingdom, Matthew Claridge, NT Use of the OT, Old Testament Studies, Redemptive History, Theological Method, Typology

If the political fight over the land of Israel weren’t bad enough, the role of the Promised Land in Scripture has often divided American Evangelicals. Are the Land Promises–so prominent in the Old Testament covenants and deeply embedded in the future hopes of the prophetic literature–simply allegorized in the NT church’s gospel mission or do … Read More

On the New Testament’s Use of the Old Testament, Part 5 (Ardel Caneday)

July 18, 2012Ardel Caneday, New Testament Studies, NT Use of the OT

By Ardel Caneday– The second installment in this series promised further development concerning types and foreshadows. Not at all unrelated to these are the issues addressed in the third and fourth installments. Nevertheless, for the sake of timeliness, the last two entries interrupted and suspended the continuation of Part 2 until now. Thus, for the … Read More