The Luther Treasure Trove (Matthew Barrett)

August 25, 2017Martin Luther, Matthew Barrett

Theological and historical dictionaries can be, ironically, terribly unhelpful. Too often they are kept on the shelf in that rare chance that they might be consulted. When they are consulted, the reader is left with such a basic introduction to the topic investigated that there are far more questions than answers. And so they collect … Read More

Logos Interview: Reformation Theology

July 4, 2017Martin Luther, Matthew Barrett, Reformation

Matthew Barrett, the general editor of  Reformation Theology: A Systematic Summary (Crossway), was recently interviewed by Daniel Motley of Logos Bible Software. Part 1 of this interview is available on Logos Talk. Part 2 of this interview is available on the more academic arm of Logos, The Lab. Here is an excerpt from Part 1: … Read More

The Righteousness of God

May 20, 2014Jeremy Kimble, Martin Luther

In reference to last week’s quote from Martin Luther, I thought it would be helpful to bring a famous quote regarding his understanding the righteousness of God in Romans 1. It is a glorious truth to recognize the imputation of Christ’s righteousness to us and to recognize it is by that reality that we are … Read More

Faith is a Work of God in Us

May 12, 2014Faith, Jeremy Kimble, Martin Luther

I am currently teaching a class on theology, and we have been covering the various facets of salvation. I am always reminded of Luther’s understanding of justification by faith alone, and encouraged again and again to read him. In his day he was often accused of antinomianism, thinking that mere faith without works is not … Read More

Martin Luther on Predestination (Timothy George)

June 11, 2012Magazine-Chosen by Grace-May 2012, Martin Luther, Pelagianism, Predestination, Reformation, Reformers

In the May issue of Credo Magazine, “Chosen by Grace,” Timothy George has contributed a powerful article called, “Let God Be God: Martin Luther on Predestination.” First, however, a word about the author. Timothy George has been the dean of Beeson Divinity School since its inception in 1988. As founding dean, George has been instrumental … Read More