New articles by Stamps and Zaspel

May 12, 2016Fred Zaspel, Luke Stamps

Today we continue highlighting recently published articles on the web by Credo Magazine contributors (see yesterday’s post here). 1. Luke Stamps Luke Stamps (Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Assistant Professor of Christian Studies at California Baptist University (OPS). Luke has contributed book reviews to The Gospel Coalition and The Journal of the Evangelical Theological … Read More

A Wedding Sermon (Fred G. Zaspel)

January 7, 2016Fred Zaspel

So that we may better appreciate the meaning of their ceremony today, the bride and groom have requested that I take the time to explain for you all the “good news” of Jesus Christ and how this message defines marriage – for them and for us. The apostle Paul writes about all this in Eph. … Read More

The Gospel and Porn (Fred Zaspel)

August 5, 2015Fred Zaspel

In these past weeks the emphasis in our seminary chapel has been on sexual purity. In particular, the focus has been on overcoming pornography. We all know now that the internet has moved porn to the number one counseling issue in churches today, and we would be very naive to think that seminary students or … Read More

God as Father (Fred Zaspel)

July 21, 2015Fred Zaspel

The verbal images of God in the Bible, just as the various names given him, constitute a significant part of his self-revelation. When Scripture likens God to a lion or rock or shepherd or judge or King it tells us much about who God is and about our relationship to him. One of the most … Read More

Who did Jesus die for? (Review by Fred Zaspel)

April 7, 2015Fred Zaspel

Perspectives on the Extent of the Atonement: Three Views. Edited by Andy Naselli and Mark Snoeberger. Nashville: B&H, 2015. As we set ourselves to read another “Perspectives” book many of us have already staked out our own position on the question. I don’t recall ever reading a reviewer confess that as he opened the book … Read More

Young, Reading, & Reformed (Fred G. Zaspel)

March 26, 2015Fred Zaspel

Pardon me for a moment if I seem boastful, but I am proud of the ladies in our church who have launched a wonderful new initiative to reach the church’s children for Christ. I have long appreciated the potential of good Christian reading – there are few other means of discipleship, when carefully focused, that … Read More