Neglected Goldmines: The Collected Essays of Alan Stibbs

March 27, 2017Reviews, Timothy Raymond

Over the years the Lord has allowed me to discover several incredible books that I do not believe have received the attention they deserve.  These are books that are potentially mind-blowing, life-transforming, and ministry-shaping, but for whatever reason have been figuratively (or literally) collecting dust in the shadows for years.  To help remedy this, I … Read More

Is the God of The Shack the God of the Bible?

March 17, 2017Reviews

The Shack, written by William Paul Young, came out several years ago and instantly become somewhat of a phenomenon selling millions of copies.  In fact, it is one of the best-selling paperback books of all time, with readers who are enthusiastic for the message it communicates.  I never had any desire to read it at … Read More

Review: A new introduction to Luther’s 95 Theses (Matthew Barrett)

October 26, 2016Book Notes, Matthew Barrett, Reviews

Timothy J. Wengert. Martin Luther’s 95 Theses with Introduction, Commentary, and Study Guide. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2015. If you are unfamiliar with the events leading up to October 31, 1517, then Wengert’s brief introduction will prove to be a helpful and insightful guide. Wengert is a leading Luther scholar and the historical clarity and perceptivity … Read More

My Favorite Book for Discipling New (and Old) Christians (Timothy Raymond)

July 27, 2016Reviews

The other day one of my church members asked me for recommended resources for grounding new and young Christians in both basic Bible doctrine and practical Christian living.  I mentioned a few different resources which had different strengths.  For example, one was strong on theology but didn’t happen to address Christian living.  Another was helpful … Read More

A Pastor’s Reading Plan

April 21, 2016Reviews

So you’re a pastor. You might be interested to know that the Schleitheim Confession, an early Anabaptist creed, specified that the first duty of the pastoral office “shall be to read.” The Anabaptists were right. Nearly everything a pastor does in shepherding the flock—preaching, instructing, encouraging, admonishing, counseling—depends upon his growth through reading. That remains … Read More

What is the Incarnation? (Michael A.G. Haykin)

January 12, 2016Michael Haykin, Reviews

I have a long-standing tradition of reading a book relating to Christology around the time of Christmas. This year it was a booklet rather than a book, a part of the series Basics of the Faith, whose general editor is Sean Lucas, namely, What is the Incarnation? (P&R), by William B. Evans, the Eunice Witherspoon Bell Younts … Read More