Barrett’s Book Notes: Neo-Evangelicals, Luther, Aquinas, and more

January 23, 2017Book Notes, Matthew Barrett

Awakening the Evangelical Mind: An Intellectual History of the Neo-Evangelical Movement, by Owen Strachan Zondervan, 2015 If you want to understand Evangelicalism today then it is essential to know something about the neo-evangelical movement of the early twentieth-century and its key representatives. Doing so will only help the evangelical today identify that which sets him … Read More

Barrett’s Book Notes: New edition of the Homilies (Matthew Barrett)

November 22, 2016Book Notes

In our ongoing celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, our eyes naturally turn to Martin Luther and his German reform. But we should not forget that Luther’s writings were smuggled into England and became influential, moving countless reformers to a Protestant position on justification. While there are many who deserve mention, Thomas Cranmer … Read More

Review: A new introduction to Luther’s 95 Theses (Matthew Barrett)

October 26, 2016Book Notes, Matthew Barrett, Reviews

Timothy J. Wengert. Martin Luther’s 95 Theses with Introduction, Commentary, and Study Guide. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2015. If you are unfamiliar with the events leading up to October 31, 1517, then Wengert’s brief introduction will prove to be a helpful and insightful guide. Wengert is a leading Luther scholar and the historical clarity and perceptivity … Read More

Barrett’s Book Notes: Atlas of the European Reformations

October 19, 2016Book Notes, Matthew Barrett

Tim Dowley. Atlas of the European Reformations. Mineapolis: Fortress, 2015. Students will love this atlas by Tim Dowley. Not only does it begin with a colorful timeline of the sixteenth-century, but Dowley guides the reader through the events of the Reformation with particular focus on the social, political, and geographical context. The first half of … Read More

Barrett’s Book Notes: Calvin and Beza and Perkins! Oh my!

October 6, 2016Book Notes

Few things get me as excited as receiving books in the mail by the Reformers and their Reformed successors. So this week is an exciting week to be sure because I have four books to recommend. John Calvin. Sermons on Titus. Translated by Robert White. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 2015. Banner of Truth has recently … Read More

Barrett’s Book Notes: The Ology

September 28, 2016Book Notes

I’m always looking for biblical, theological, and fun resources to help my kids learn the great doctrines of the faith. Recently we’ve been working through Marty Machowski’s The Ology: Ancient Truths Made Ever New (New Growth Press, 2015). I really like how precise Marty is at points and my kids often find his metaphors illuminating. … Read More