We Have a Winner!

September 25, 2011Uncategorized

This week’s winner for the book package giveaway is…Matthew George! Matthew George, you have won the following books: Understanding the Times: New Testament Studies in the 21st Century: Essays in Honor of D. A. Carson on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday, edited by Andreas J. Kostenberger and Robert W. Yarbrough. Did Adam and Eve … Read More

Both proclaimers of the gospel and moral reformers

September 25, 2011Culture, Gospel, Michael Haykin

By Michael A.G. Haykin Not long after his conversion, William Wilberforce (1759–1833), at the time a member of Parliament, wrote to the evangelical minister John Newton (1725–1807) on December 2, 1785, wanting to visit him for spiritual advice about his career, for Wilberforce was contemplating leaving the realm of politics. For a number of eighteenth-century … Read More

Put the theology book down and do something that matters

September 25, 2011Theology

By Marc Cortez [The following is the opening devotional that I presented at the NW regional meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, 2011.] What are we doing here? I’m sure we could walk out this building and, within five minutes, find any number of hurting people desperately in need of care and attention, longing for … Read More

B.B. Warfield on “Chorazin Hearts”

September 24, 2011Fred Zaspel, Prayer

By Fred Zaspel In 1889 a little devotional work entitled Lile’s Golden Lamp was published by the New York Observer. The book consists of very brief daily devotional entries of one small page each, by various authors, one for each day of the year. The entry for January 13 is by B.B. Warfield — a … Read More

Colin Gunton’s Point

September 24, 2011Paul Helm, Trinity

By Paul Helm In his article, ‘Augustine, The Trinity and the Theological Crisis of the West’, which first appeared in the Scottish Journal of Theology in 1990 and then formed part of his The Problem of Trinitarian Theology (T & T Clark, 1991), the late Colin Gunton, whose friend and colleague at King’s College I … Read More

This Week’s Book Notes

September 24, 2011Book Notes, Matthew Barrett

By Matthew Barrett The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction. By Alan Jacobs. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011. Alan Jacobs, professor of English at Wheaton College, is an author I enjoy reading for many reasons. One of those reasons is that by reading him I am hoping that his talent for writing will … Read More

A Spurious Relevance

September 24, 2011Evangelicalism, Matthew Barrett

By Matthew Barrett One of the serious temptations evangelicalism faces in every generation is the impulse to be liked by the culture. Back in the 1960s and 1970s many drew the conclusion that Christianity was irrelevant to modernity. The solution? Modernize Christianity! Such a modernization of Christianity was not simply speaking to the issues of … Read More

Spurgeon and the Lord’s Use of Means

September 24, 2011Charles Spurgeon, Lord's Supper, Luke Stamps

By Luke Stamps It is well known that the nineteenth century British Baptist preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon was a firm believer in both God’s sovereignty in salvation and the free offer of the gospel. So far from setting these things in opposition to one another, Spurgeon believed that God’s sovereignty actually empowers evangelism, because it … Read More

The Local Church and Missions III: Acts 1

September 24, 2011Ecclesiology, Missions, Todd Miles

By Todd Miles In my previous posts (part 1, part 2), I took up the question of what the Bible has to say about the relationship between the local church and missions. The catalyst for the investigation is my church’s desire to construct a mission’s strategy that is biblically faithful and is particular to our … Read More

Stop Blaming the Seminaries

September 24, 2011Seminary

By Marc Cortez There’s almost no way for me to write this post without sounding like I’m just defending my profession. But, of course, that’s because I am. Our seminaries are far from perfect. We probably spend too much time on some things, too little on others, and almost certainly do not run as efficiently … Read More

Consistent Communion: Baptism as Prerequisite to the Lord’s Supper

September 24, 2011Baptism, Lord's Supper, Nathan Finn

By Nathan Finn One of the perennial debates among Baptist Christians centers upon the relationship between baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Historically, Baptists have argued that “New Testament” baptism—the full immersion of a professing disciple after his or her conversion—is prerequisite to participating in the Lord’s Supper. In more recent years, a growing number of … Read More

Pride Cometh Before the Bad Sermon

September 24, 2011Expository Preaching

By Timothy Raymond “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” —Proverbs 16:18 (ESV) If you’ve preached more than, say, 25 sermons you’ve almost certainly had the experience. Saturday evening you sit back in your desk chair, look at the sermon you intend to deliver the next morning, and marvel, “Is it … Read More

Augustine and The Categories

September 24, 2011Augustine, Paul Helm

By Paul Helm Augustine’s deliverance from Manicheism brought its own intellectual problems, which focussed on how to understand the Church’s teaching regarding divine immutability. He comments that he had yet not come to see that the hinge of the matter of God’s immutability lies in his being the Creator. It is during this earlier phase … Read More

This Week’s Book Notes

September 24, 2011Book Notes, Matthew Barrett

By Matthew Barrett King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus. By Timothy Keller. New York: Dutton, 2011. When we think of various theologians and pastors engaging unbelievers with the truth of the gospel, Tim Keller, who ministers in New York City, comes to mind immediately. Keller is founder of Redeemer … Read More

Evangelicalism and the Church

September 24, 2011Evangelicalism, Matthew Barrett

By Matthew Barrett Our doctrine of the church is a vital aspect of our Christian faith and living. How we define the church may have important implications for our overall understanding of Christian doctrine and has a multitude of practical implications for the regular gathering of the saints. I would guess that most evangelicals would … Read More

Thomas Aquinas on Predestination

September 24, 2011Medieval Theologians, Paul Helm, Predestination

By Paul Helm This is the second of three posts dealing with topics that are important in Reformed theology that were already carefully dealt with in the medieval era. In the last post we looked at Anselm’s perfect being theology, its rootedness in Scripture, and its elaboration in his Proslogion. So when later on we … Read More

Puritanism: The Real Thing

September 24, 2011Michael Haykin, Puritans

By Michael A.G. Haykin Old stereotypes die hard. Often it’s far easier to hang on to misguided caricature than do the tough digging for the truth. The words “Puritan” and “puritanical” offer a good case in point. Our Canadian Oxford Dictionary, for example, after giving these terms a standard historical explanation, notes of the adjective … Read More

Be Faithful Unto Death: Revelation 2:8-11

September 24, 2011Revelation, Thomas Schreiner

By Thomas Schreiner The murder of Christians for their faith is not limited to early church history. In many parts of the world it is still happening. I could relate many stories, but here are two recent incidents as reported by Voice of the Martyrs. “On August 23, three Christians in Chiapas, Mexico, were brutally … Read More

Faithful Theology: Preserving Distinctions without Separation

September 24, 2011Ardel Caneday, Salvation

By Ardel Caneday Doing and teaching Christian theology well requires the skill to recognize and to maintain distinctions among concepts presented in Scripture without separating them from one another. Failure to identify such distinctions, to affirm them, and to instruct others to observe them in how they conduct themselves may unwittingly promote theological confusion or … Read More

Bait-and-switch evangelism

September 24, 2011Evangelism

By Marc Cortez “Okay, I’ll go back. But no Jesus stuff this time.” What exactly does it take to make a 4-year-old declare that she’s all done with Jesus stuff? Bait-and-switch evangelism. Here’s what happened. The Tragedy Begins It’s the day before Easter. And, unexpectedly for the northwest, it’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon. So, … Read More