Mark Dever on Reformation in the Southern Baptist Convention

September 24, 2011Baptists, Reformation

by Matthew Barrett With the annual Southern Baptist Convention taking place in Phoenix just the other week, I was reminded of an article by Mark Dever from 1997 titled: “Three Reasons to Hope for Further Reformation in the SBC.” I especially appreciate Dever’s emphasis on the Word of God and inerrancy. Here is the introduction … Read More

Human Intellectual Autonomy: Rationalism and Irrationalism

September 24, 2011Revelation

by Matthew Barrett What is the main difference between a liberal view of revelation and an orthodox (biblical) view of revelation? Perhaps many differences could be mentioned. However, the main difference is the liberal affirmation of human autonomy, specifically in the area of human knowledge. In regards to revelation, the Bible does not sit in … Read More

To Know God is to Love Him

September 24, 2011Attributes of God

By Matthew Barrett When the Bible speaks of “knowing” God, is it merely cognitive? Or is there something much more, namely, not just knowledge but love for God? I believe if we look at the texts throughout Scripture we will see that when it speaks of knowing God, it is not mere knowledge in view … Read More

Hello world!

August 1, 2011Uncategorized

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